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What is the turbolifter and what can it do?
Welcome to the website of the innovative turbolifter.
This site will tell you more about this intelligent lift system and all of the possibilities it offers.

The turbolifter is an innovative pneumatic lift system that can be incorporated into existing architectural structures and those currently under construction with no need for extensive building works. The clever construction design means that the turbolifter can also be installed in complicated physical structures, e.g. in the centre of spiral staircases. The wide variety of colour schemes available in combination with the timeless yet modern design mean that the turbolifter is ideal for building and renovation projects of all kinds in both private and business settings. Low maintenance costs and reasonable technical expenses make the turbolifter an alternative solution for specific creative and technical requirements in both new builds and older buildings.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by Email or telephone on 0049 (0) 800 - 8020 4444*.

* costless from land lines within Germany. Different rates may apply from other land line and mobile phone networks.

The turbolifter options
The turbolifter is available in a variety of attractive colours and in two sizes for different requirements, both of which can be used for a distance of up to six floors.
Modell 933 offers a very narrow diameter, with space for up to two passengers.
The small dimensions mean it is also ideal for locations in which many other systems would not fit due to building limitations.
Modell 1316 also requires very limited space, yet can carry up to three people and is also ideal for wheelchair users, with or without an accompanying person.
On our website you can learn more about both systems and their installation.
Find out more about the two systems and their installation on our website. By clicking on the link Contact + dates for your diary you can find out not only how to contact us, but also see which trade fairs and events we will be at so that you can discover the advantages of the turbolifter in person.

Reasons to install a turbolifter

  • Quick, easy and clean installation in both newbuilds and older buildings.
  • The system functions fully without the need for an additional machine room.
  • No floor recess is required.
  • The system can subsequently be moved to other locations.
  • Visually appealing.
  • The system has an emergency lowering function in case of power cuts.
  • Lifts can be installed with no need to lower the floor.
  • Have a perfect view of your surroundings with the 360° panoramic view.
  • The structure is light and self-supporting.
  • The systems are totally round.
  • Operation is environmentally sound, economical, clean and efficient.
  • The mechanical parts are almost entirely invisible.
  • The lifts are fully vacuum driven.
  • Level exit on all floors.
  • Maintenance costs are as low as noise emissions.
  • Optional remote servicing.
  • All of the mechanical parts are within the system, which means neither a machine room nor a switch box is required.
  • Just plug the system in at the mains and it is ready to go!

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